Video: Mini V8 (Parte 2)

(0:44) Todas as peças sob medida para esse brinquedinho...garanto q se por num carrinho de rolemã da um pau num carro 1000 !!!

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YZF R1 Go Kart

Video: YZF R1 Go Kart

1000cc 150Hp go kart.. has soo much torque its hard to rip it in a straight line..

Mini V8 (Parte 1)

Video: Mini V8 (Parte 1)

Galera...ja penso...acorda de manha....e ligar o brinquedinho no quarto...isso mini V8

carrinho de rolemã

Video: carrinho de rolemã veja depoimento de uma pessoa de 80 anos que tomou hyper memo e quer casa-se pela 18 vez.

Predator (2.2 second run)

Video: Predator (2.2 second run)

Just one of the many cool things seen at Logging Days in Placerville California. And just to clarify, this chainsaw holds the world record for cutting a log in 0.88 seconds, BUT the runs you see in this video are approximately 2 seconds long, Some people say that this video has been sped up. Well, it has not. And if it helps at all, you can see a video clip where this video has been sped up for comparison by checking out my other videos related to this one. Please see for an example of what cutting through a log this size at 2X video speed looks like. Music: Thick as Thieves Artist: Dry Kill Logic 1 million views post *** Yay for me! 1million is awesome but all the credit goes to the ceator of the Pedator! And also to Baldy (subscr 2 BaldyofCamino) Who had the balls 2 dare to operate this monstrosity! Seriously doubters worldwide.This shit was for real. I was laying on the grass not 6 feet from the power this thing. I can atest, it was real. Can't make any money off this video cuz I don't own the rights to the song. No prob. Good song! Good job Baldy! Thank you Rotax Robert! Acceptance Speech over! ***

Blue Princess Mini DOHC V8 Drag Boat Update 04

Video: Blue Princess Mini DOHC V8 Drag Boat Update 04

After dry test runs of the boat, the update 04 shows the finished "Blue Princess" in the swimming pool. Updates will follow in summer on the lake...

worlds smallest mini v8 2 blown 1 carb 2013

Video: worlds smallest mini v8 2 blown 1 carb 2013

good guy cars show pleasenton ca

Chainsaw Bike

Video: Chainsaw Bike

Crazy Germans

v8 mini pre build

Video: v8 mini pre build

v8 mini pre build

Blue Princess Mini DOHC V8 Drag Boat

Video: Blue Princess Mini DOHC V8 Drag Boat

After the test runs of the engine, the update 03 shows the rebuild of the alredy existing boat body to the almost finished "Blue Princess". Updates will follow...

Conley V8 Engine

Video: Conley V8 Engine

Working 1/4 scale V8 engine running on nitromethane.